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The most highly bio-available form of Vitamin C, Rare C Serum is brilliantly skilled at strengthening collagen, brightening the complexion and, as an added bonus, it’s able to reduce the appearance of pore size by 20% in just four weeks! This serum also fights against aging, protects against environmental damage and helps repair collagen and elastin integrity. When used regularly, Rare C Serum will promote and enhance supremely radiant, strong, and youthful looking skin. A vitamin C product is as rare and significant as the skin!

Rare C Serum

  • • Reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and pores.

    • Strengthens collagen and enhances collagen synthesis.

    • Soothes, replenishes and hydrates skin.

    • Balances, evens, and brightens skin tone.

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